Can Dental Sealant improve my Kid’s Dental Health?

Kids’ dental issues should be seriously considered like adults. They do face dental problems at their age if things are not managed properly. Sometimes, dental issues become unbearable for kids and they suffer from other serious consequences as well.


One of the problems in kids is cavities because they eat anything and everything. To an age, they don’t know what’s right and wrong for them.


There are different ways to protect your kid’s teeth against cavities. But, pediatric dentists commonly recommend dental sealants. They think sealants are safe as well as effective for kids.


What is a pediatric dental sealant?

Available in a liquid form, the dentists paint it on the child’s teeth and leave it for a few minutes to dry and become hard. After drying, the liquid sealant resembles a plastic coating that acts like a barrier, shielding the child’s teeth. The dental sealant seals the grooves, crevices, and flat surfaces of the teeth.


In kids, the molar teeth need these dental sealants the most.


How are dental sealants effective for your kid?

As already mentioned, tooth decay and the cavity are common problems in children due to their eating habits. Dental sealants help kids to stay away from these problems and eat whatever they want. They are considered an important part of preventive pediatric dental care.


Often, pediatric dentists combine dental sealants with professional dental cleanings, dental checkups, and fluoride treatments. With home oral care practices, dental sealants become more effective.


Another reason that dental sealants are effective for your kid is that they are better than cavity treatments. Also, dental sealants are cost-effective and take less time to show results.


What are the benefits of dental sealants?

Compared to other cavity treatments, pediatric dental sealants don’t take much time to show results. The sealants are easy to apply and dry in minutes. Other than this, dental sealants are non-invasive as they don’t involve drills or injections.


With dental sealants, kids retain tooth material, which gets eroded by cavities. If tooth material is not retained, the tooth will become weak, leading to bigger dental concerns.


When should your kid get pediatric dental sealants?

According to the kids’ dentist in Rutherford, your kid should get pediatric dental sealants by six or seven years. The next application of dental sealants should be done within 12 or 13 years. It’s said that kids are vulnerable to cavities at these ages.


Kids who love sweets or have difficulty flossing and brushing are the most suitable candidates for dental sealants. With this, the bacteria in your kid’s mouth will not take advantage of inadequate dental cleaning.


Undoubtedly, pediatric dental sealants will improve your kid’s dental health. So, visit Western Piedmont Dental, a clinic with the best kids’ dentists in Rutherford, for the procedure. Along with this, our dentists will counsel you and your kid for the overall betterment of oral health. With us, your kid will be safe during and after the procedure.

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