Introduction to Dental Emergencies

When we say emergencies, dental emergencies rarely cross our minds. Nonetheless, there are conditions that need urgent intervention to prevent discomfort due to pain or any sort of damage to the structure of the mouth. Examples of such conditions are:

Extreme toothache

This may be a consequence of tooth cavities. It can be easily prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene. ‘Removing the deposited plaque’ occasionally can save you from such situations.

Knocked out or a broken tooth

This may happen due to receiving a heavy blow on the mouth. Teeth may either loosen or break due to it. The patient may feel extreme pain while chewing and eating anything cold.

Life-threatening infections

If you observe tooth abscess, it better you get the proper treatment for it. If ignored, it can spread to the whole body. You may see symptoms like swelling on the face or cheek, tooth sensitivity for both hot and cold temperatures, etc.

Excessively bleeding gums

When the plaque gets deposited on the gum line, gums bleed. If you ignore these symptoms the bleeding may soon increase and discomfort to the patient.

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The role of cosmetic dentistry during dental emergencies

If you are unable to find a restorative dentistry, you can rely on any cosmetic dentistry for the treatment.

Overlap in procedures

When it comes to emergency situations, restorative dentistry relies on dental crown for a damaged tooth. Same is the case with cosmetic dentistry; it relies mostly on the same procedure when it comes to fixing a cracked tooth. However, in other cases, the difference lies between the material used.

Short term and long term impact

Aesthetics matter a lot when it comes to alignment of teeth. Therefore, while emergency if you look only for immediate relief, the restorative dentistry may fix the problem and give you robust teeth. But it may not look that good permanently in your teeth system. Therefore, it is better to get it fixed in a cosmetic dentistry for both relief and aesthetics.

More choices are better

In restorative dentistry, you may not get as many choices to fix your teeth emergency as in cosmetic dentistry. If we take simple example of choices of fillings for your teeth, you will see the difference. You can get the best of best, ceramic filling in the cosmetic dentistry. It is always a better choice than the mercury or tooth colored filing as it gives strong support to the teeth for a longer term. It can save your teeth from any shock or pressure as well.

Look for a holistic solution

You don’t need services that will just take care of your immediate needs. You need dental services that will take care of your dental requirements for a longer time. Fixing a broken tooth right may happen in restorative dentistry, but filling it with good material and taking care of its overall appeal while fixing the urgent problem can happen only if you choose to go to a cosmetic dentistry!

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