Extractions & Preservation

At Western Piedmont Dental, we try our utmost to preserve teeth. We opt for extraction as a last resort, if we are unable to save the tooth due to severe problems or complications. That is why we insist that you focus on preventive dental care. It will minimize the chances of extraction and allow us to preserve your tooth.

What is Tooth Extraction?

An extraction is a procedure performed by a dentist or an oral surgeon if a tooth is infected, severely damaged, or a source of other problems within the mouth. Having a tooth pulled is usually a simple and comfortable procedure, although the healing process may take several weeks for larger or infected teeth.

Extractions can be performed on any tooth including baby teeth, permanent teeth, and wisdom teeth. For baby teeth and some permanent teeth, a dentist will use a local anesthetic, which numbs the area around the tooth before it is removed. Often, this procedure is relatively painless and healing takes only a few days. For infected or painful teeth, impacted teeth, or larger permanent teeth like molars and wisdom teeth, we may recommend different types of anesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

A dentist will recommend a tooth extraction if a root canal or other minor procedure cannot repair the damages to the tooth. Teeth are extracted in order to create a healthier or more esthetically pleasing smile.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

“Wisdom teeth” are the last set of molars that come in between the ages of 16-25. Dentists may recommend extracting the wisdom teeth because they commonly ause problems as they grow in. Many times, your wisdom teeth will become impacted, or trapped beneath the gums, which can cause jaw pain; they may come in at the wrong angle, or your mouth may not have room for any more teeth. Wisdom teeth are also at a higher risk for infections, because they are difficult to keep clean.

Socket Preservation

Socket preservation is typically used after an extraction to maintain the volume of bone. Once the extraction is complete a bone substitute is usually placed in the site where the tooth was removed and then covered with a barrier to hold the substitute in place. There are usually a few stitches placed to hold everything in. This procedure may seem daunting, however, it is very simple and quick. This substitute helps maintain the bone in order to restore the area to function in the future. Not only does socket preservation help maintain volume, it can also help patients avoid common port op complications including painful dry socket. If you’ve been considering a tooth extraction/preservation or have infected teeth, an overcrowded mouth, or severe tooth damage, schedule an appointment with our dentists to discuss your extraction options and determine which procedure is best for you.

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