Patient Info

At Western Piedmont Dental, we offer a welcoming and inviting environment when you visit us for a checkup or treatment. We have skilled, experienced, and friendly dental professionals, who ensure that you get the best care. Our priority is your oral health and regardless of the treatment you require, we make sure you are comfortable and relaxed during your visit.

Our dental practice makes use of modern equipment and tools that helps to finish any procedure quickly. You will find that to ease the nervousness of our patients, we provide many amenities to help our patients. Our staff welcomes patients with a big smile and ensures that they are comfortable while they wait.

Accepting Dental Insurance

We are glad to inform our patients that we accept all major dental insurance plans. However, it is also prudent to note that certain procedures, especially cosmetic procedures, may not be covered by your dental insurance policy. If that is the case, we try to provide easy payment options. We also offer third party financing through CareCredit. We accept cash, credit cards and checks.

Please note that dental insurance is a contract between you or your employer and the insurance company. We cannot influence what percentage of fees or services your insurance will cover. Your benefits are determined by the policy you or your employer purchase. We will submit your claim to your insurance as a courtesy to you or provide you with the paperwork and information necessary for you to file your claim. If your insurance company does not reimburse the full amount for any treatment completed within 60 days, the patient is responsible for any remaining balance.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our affordable payment plans to achieve getting treatment easy and convenient!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get a quote and estimate of the treatment before you begin the procedure?

Yes, we are always able to provide our patients with a comprehensive estimate before beginning a procedure. We provide you an itemized estimate so that you can check with your dental insurance for out-of-pocket expenses. As always, please be aware that it is an estimate and any outstanding balance will be the responsibility of the patient if not paid by the insurance within 60 days.

Can I make appointments online?

You can use the contact us form to make an appointment if you do not want to call and schedule one. Our office staff will confirm the appointment.

Contact Us

If you would like to make an appointment please email us at or call us at (828) 874 – 3678.