Preventive Care

At Western Piedmont Dental, we firmly believe that preventive dentistry is the best way to avoid dental issues. It is a combination of intervention and self-care. It is basically the practice of taking care of teeth and being careful about any unusual development in the mouth. However, it is important to develop it as a habit from an early age.

The normal functioning of teeth is as important as the other parts of the body. Hence, it is essential that oral health is given equal importance. Further, preventive dental care has an impact on overall health. Good dental health plays a role in maintaining regular overall health.

Ideal dental care regime

Preventive dental care starts with you. You are in charge of what your teeth become. Nonetheless, there are a few basic things that we, at Western Piedmont Dental, suggest to prevent gum problems, cavities, and other dental issues:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day
  • Flossing teeth post meals
  • Using mouthwash after flossing teeth
  • Avoiding spicy or acidic foods and hard foods
  • Avoiding soda-based drinks, cigarettes, and tobacco products
  • Compulsory usage of mouth-guards while playing sports
  • Using a night mouth guard if grinding or clenching

Professional preventive treatments

Preventive treatments are treatments that allow our dentists to monitor a patient’s oral health and take corrective steps at the early stage to prevent oral health issues. This gives them enough time to identify the problem, treat it at the right time and stop it from worsening.

Types of preventive treatments

  • Evaluation of the dentition and gums
  • Cleaning and fluoride treatment
  • Application of sealants
  • Oral health counseling
  • Resin restoration and decay treatment

Benefits of preventive dentistry

Keep cavities at bay

Cavities are formed when oral health is ignored for a longer period of time. But preventive dentistry helps in avoiding this problem. Periodical visits to Western Piedmont Dental can save us from getting cavities or dangerous infections that can damage the overall oral health.

Keep gum diseases at a distance

Gums get affected when corrective actions are not taken at the starting stage of the problems like plaque accumulation or gum disease. If you follow regular checkup and cleanings, it is unlikely to progress to gum disease. Further, regular visits to the dentist can help in maintaining good overall health.

Refreshing breath

Bad breath is a sign of infection or decay or gum disease. Therefore, it needs immediate attention. However, people who are particular about their oral health and take preventive measures from time to time can rarely face this problem.

A money-saver

Preventive treatment saves our health as well as money. Following a routine does not need any extra money, and getting teeth cleaned regularly is far less constly. However, if you avoid preventive dental care, you may have to pay a lot of money to get more invasive treatments such as root canals, fillings, extractions, etc. Therefore, it is wiser to invest in preventive dental care than spending money to fix larger problems that may arise by neglecting routine dental care.

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