Root Canals

What does root canal mean?

Root canal is a dental procedure of removing the infected pulp from the tooth and protect it from further complications. In this process, the open and broken tooth nerves are also treated. With the upgradation in dental technology, this treatment has become easier than ever. Root canal can be done in an hour, and of course, in a single visit.

The right time to get root canal treatment

If the pulphas seem infected by a bacterial infection, it’s about time to get the root canal done. Otherwise, due to the bacterial infection, the pulphas may die, further, speedily infecting the nearby part of the mouth as well.


  • Extremely sensitive tooth
  • Excruciating toothache while chewing
  • Rickety/loose tooth

Benefits of getting a root canal done

Prevents the other area and teeth from getting infected

Once the main reason for the infection is nipped in the bud, other areas in the mouth will automatically become safe. Tooth decay happens due to bacterial infection in the cavities. However, in root canal treatment, the bacterial are removed and the place gets disinfected. This thorough cleaning of the mouth reduces the chances of other parts getting infected. In addition to this, the root canal is a less painful and faster way of treating tooth decay or other tooth-related problems.

Makes your smile even more attractive

The best part about cosmetic dentistry is that it treats any dental problem with a holistic approach. Even after doing root canal, a cosmetic dentist fills the tooth with tooth-colored filling or crown to make your denture look more attractive. It treats the problem and takes care of the aesthetics at the same time.

Protects teeth from many things

By removing the very reason for all dental problems, the tooth decaying bacteria, root canal treatment takes care of almost all the dental problems together. So, once you get the root canal done, you don’t have to worry about losing teeth or removing gaps between them. It will improve the look, functionality, and health of the mouth. Indeed, the treatment cures the particular tooth that got infected and capacitates it to work like the other teeth.

Prevents degeneration of the jawbone

The treatment is miraculous in itself, as it works on multiple ends. It restores the tooth, saves the other teeth, and saves the jaw from getting degenerated. Loss of a tooth or infected teeth degenerate the jaw and changes the overall appearance of your face. But if you act quickly and do not ignore your toothache or bleeding gums, you can preserve your invaluable jaw with the help of root canal treatment.

Improves overall health

Root canal can help you improve your overall oral and general health. Though teeth are not given enough importance, their function is prime. Swallowing half-chewed food can affect the heart, respiratory system, and digestive system. Therefore, it is important to take care of the mouth to maintain good overall health.

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