Scaling & Root Planing

What is Scaling and Root Planing?

A thin layer of the plaque keeps forming above and below the gum line. It needs a deep cleaning to clear the calculus and tartar formed. Scaling and Root Planing is the procedure of dentistry that helps in the thorough cleaning of plaque around and under the gum line.

It becomes especially necessary after the gums and soft tissues around the affected area also get damaged due to periodontal diseases.

A deep cleaning is needed when the pockets below your teeth are too deep, causing inflammation due to plaque, debris and tartar buildup.

Red Flag Symptoms

You need immediate scaling and root planing when

  • Pockets of the gums are pulling down
  • Yellow/black colored tartar build up
  • The calculus has spread under the gum and on the root surface
  • There are clear signs of inflammation (swelling, red, easily bleed) in the gums

Why you should do scaling and root planing?

You may ignore the symptoms of the plaque-forming near your gum line and push the appointment with the dentist further, but this may cost you the health of your teeth! Let us try and understand why scaling and root planing can help

For the health of your gums and teeth

It is important not to assess the health of your teeth on the surface level. They are bigger than they look; they extend even below the gums. However, gums keep them steady and rooted. Therefore, it is important to keep a keen eye on what is happening with the gums. If you find any problem there, or experience any of the red flag symptoms mentioned above, you should get the scaling and root planing done to save your mouth from plaque and infections.

To save yourself from dangerous gum diseases

Gum diseases may look passive, but their effects remain for the long term. Periodontal diseases can cause a lot of trouble and unnecessary discomfort. Gum diseases are like a silent killer, many people don’t even know they have gum diseases. First, you will see minor symptoms like gum bleed after brushing or flossing your teeth. But slowly and gradually your gums may recede to a level where the teeth will start becoming mobile. Therefore, it is better to treat them at the initial stage to help prevent the progression of periodontal disease.

To dispel bad breath

Due to the saturated plaque and tartar, the mouth becomes an unhygienic place. As a result of which breath starts smelling bad. Not addressing these signs may even increase it further. But simply getting treatments like scaling and tooth planning if indicated can help you eliminate chronic bad.

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