Some Common Dental Veneers Questions

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Questions and queries from patients and attendants are very common before any dental procedure. It’s either because they are afraid or inquisitive to know about the procedure they are prescribed for.

It’s good to have questions and get the answers for all before you sit on the dental chair. Once all the questions are answered, you will be relaxed and tension-free at the time of treatment. You will not have any sort of confusion and fear.

For different dental procedures, there are different sets of questions asked by patients. In this post, we will discuss some questions that are asked by patients who are prescribed dental veneers by the dentist.

What are dental veneers?

A dental veneer is the most versatile option because it fixes a plethora of different problems. It’s a cosmetic solution that will give you a brighter smile. A veneer improves the appearance of teeth that are chipped, broken or worn down. Also, it changes the shape, size, or length of teeth. Most importantly, the tool encourages your teeth to repair and rejuvenate themselves.

Veneers are wafer-thin shells, commonly made up of porcelain, attached to the fronts of your teeth. They mimic the tooth enamel perfectly to give a perfect smile.

What is the procedure of placing dental veneers?

There are a few common steps followed by dentists to place dental veneers.

Your dentist will begin with an initial consultation at his office. During the initial consultation, the dentist will evaluate your teeth and analyze your smile. He will try to find out what kind of smile you are seeking.

In the next appointment, the dentist will remove a small portion of the tooth enamel to fit the dental veneers on your tooth. Later, he will take the impression of the veneer to make a custom veneer.

Veneer customization takes time to prepare. Meanwhile, the dentist will place a temporary set of dental veneers to ensure that you are not left with a tooth that does not function right. Once the veneer is ready, he will place it on your teeth with perfection.

Who is eligible for dental veneers?

Everyone is eligible for dental veneers, except the following:

  • If you have some time of gum disease or are experiencing decay in tooth or teeth (this has to be treated properly before placing veneers)
  • If you excessively clench or grind your teeth because this habit can chip your veneers
  • If you have a reduced amount of enamel in a tooth or teeth because it prevents veneer from properly sticking
  • If the portion of your tooth is missing

How to take care of and maintain dental veneers?

Just like your natural teeth, you should take care of dental veneers. It’s because there isn’t much difference between them both. You should brush and floss the veneers daily and visit your dentist regularly for dental checkups.

Regular checkups will ensure dental veneers are clean and they are sealed with your teeth. During regular checkups, the dentist will remove the stains or cavities developed underneath.

Other than this, you should avoid biting into hard food items like ice cubes or certain candies. With simple tips, your dental veneers can last for decades.

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