What is the Process of Porcelain Crown Treatment?

If you have suffered from tooth decay or your teeth have become damaged through trauma, you may need a dental crown to protect and repair the affected teeth. In order to restore teeth to their original appearance, porcelain dental crowns are one of the best options.

Unlike metal-based crowns, these crowns emphasize the aesthetic benefits as they look similar to organic teeth, which is essential if you need a crown on your front teeth.

It is best to consider a porcelain crown when you:

  • Recently had a tooth injury
  • Need an anchor for a dental bridge
  • Want to reshape a crooked tooth to improve your smile
  • To replace a large filling that has become loose or fallen out
  • To look after your tooth following a root canal procedure

Porcelain crowns protect the tooth and offer a sturdy, long-lasting, and practical replacement for a natural tooth.

Process of porcelain crown treatment:

Generally, porcelain crown treatment takes two appointments.

  • First visit

On the first visit, your dentist will examine the damage and the area to be treated. Next, the professional will perform oral prophylaxis to ensure that no food particles are present in your teeth. Then, they will trim down a portion of the enamel and take an impression of your teeth.

  • Second Visit

Once the permanent porcelain dental crowns are created, you’ll have to go for your second visit. In this session, your dentist will take out the temporary dental caps. Moreover, they will perform a cleansing to ensure the crowned teeth are free from plaque. After that, the specialist will affix the full porcelain crown to tooth that requires covering. Lastly, they will make necessary adjustments before fitting the crowns in place with laser light.

What are the advantages of porcelain crowns?

Porcelain dental crowns are generally used in cosmetic dentistry. It is an ideal solution for issues like broken or cracked teeth. Your dentist can also use porcelain caps to fix less significant aesthetic problems with your teeth.

  1. Appearance

Today, most dentists propose porcelain crowns due to their potency and resemblance to your teeth’ appearance. The porcelain material has a whiter colour that combines better with the shade of your natural teeth.

  1. Feel

A porcelain crown will offer you a more natural feel than its alternative options. In order to fit the teeth’ shape and appearance, you can also custom-made the porcelain crown.

  1. Durability

Porcelain dental caps are also sturdy as their natural teeth enamels. Many patients are not even aware of the fact that porcelain crowned teeth can last for decades.

Porcelain dental crowns have several benefits when compared to their metal alternatives. This type of crown is excellent to enhance your decayed tooth without the stand-out colour of the metal. You will feel like your natural teeth are restored for good when you select porcelain dental crowns.