Tips for Caring for Your Teeth After Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and Root Planing

If you’ve recently had a procedure for scaling and root planing in Connelly Springs, good job! That deep cleaning is no walk in the park, but it’s so important for getting your gum disease under control. Now the hard work begins to keep that progress going.

Days After Scaling and Root Planing in Connelly Springs

We know that the first few days after scaling and root planing in Connelly Springs can be pretty rough. Your mouth is understandably a little tender and sore from all that poking and scraping to remove built-up tartar and bacteria. But don’t worry, there are some easy tips and tricks to get you through this recovery period.

Scaling and Root Planing in Connelly Springs: Aftercare Tips

Be Gentle With Your Mouth

First up, go easy on your mouth when brushing and flossing. That freshly cleaned surface is going to be super sensitive at first. Use a soft-bristled brush and don’t apply too much pressure. When flossing, be gentle and careful around those healing gum pockets.

Follow Rinse Instructions

Your dentist will likely recommend using an antimicrobial mouthwash for a little while too. This helps kill any lingering bacteria and allows your gums to properly heal after that deep scaling and root planing in Connelly Springs. Just be sure to stick to the rinse schedule your Connelly Spring dentist suggests.

Give Your Gums a Break

Speaking of healing, you’ll want to babysit those tender gums for a few days. Avoid any crunchy, crusty, acidic or piping hot foods that could further irritate things. Stick to soft, cool, bland foods and drinks to allow maximum healing after scaling and root planing in Connelly Springs.

Use Cold Compresses and Medications

If things are really uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to use cold compresses on your jaw to cut down on swelling and inflammation after your scaling and root planing in Connelly Springs. A cold pack or frozen veggie bag wrapped in a clean towel can work wonders. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications can also help relieve discomfort in the short-term. However, make sure to ask your dentist or doctor first.

Attend Follow-Up Appointments

Don’t skip out on those follow-up appointments either! Your dentist will want to check on your progress and make sure your gums are healing properly after scaling and root planing in Connelly Springs. It’s all part of getting you back on track to good oral health.

Commit to Excellent Oral Hygiene

Finally, getting through that scaling and root planing procedure in Connelly Springs is really just step one. The ultimate key is sticking to an excellent oral hygiene routine from here on out.

That means brushing twice daily, flossing, using any other tools your dentist recommends, and getting back on a regular professional cleaning schedule. After all that hard work of scaling and root planing in Connelly Springs, the only way to prevent gum disease is to maintain good oral hygiene. So, be diligent and patient as your gums recover.

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