Ways to Speed Up Root Canal Recovery

Inside of Decay Tooth

Root Canal Treatment sounds scary, but it is not that painful. Dentists mostly recommend root canal treatment to patients who are suffering from the infected root canal. During the treatment, the dentist removes the inflamed or infected pulp and cleans the inner part to save the natural tooth. Later, he performs the filling and gets it sealed. If you are suffering from a damaged or diseased tooth, it is best to visit a top-notch Dentist in Valdese for a root canal.

Here, we have discussed a few tips one must follow for faster recovery after their root canal procedure.

Lift your Head and avoid eating right away

You might notice some swelling or feel a little pain in the treated area after the procedure. To reduce the pain, it is best to lift the head up at all times and avoid lying down. If you are lying, make sure to add a pillow at the back to keep the head elevated during the initial days. Also, avoid eating hard food until the numbness disappears.

Take Medication for the Pain in the Mouth

You may slowly start feeling pain and discomfort in the mouth near the jaw region or around the gums as the anesthetic starts wearing off. To make it less painful, it is best to counter some anti-inflammatory pain medication as prescribed by the dentist. If he has suggested any antibiotic, make sure to consume only as per his directions.

Use Salt Water for Gargling

In most cases, patients suffer from gum problems after a root canal. This can cause discomfort and pain to the person. So, to avoid such conditions it is recommended to gargle with warm saltwater on a regular basis. Drinking slightly salty water will clean your mouth and eliminate any infection.

Try some Ice-cream or a cold compress

It might sound funny but it’s the doctors that recommend eating ice cream after the root canal procedure. It is believed that the cold keeps down the inflammation and eliminates all the infections. It further helps in faster recovery. If you don’t want to go for ice cream, use a cold compress. Putting the cold compress for about 10-15 mins every day during the initial days will also benefit recovery.

Remove Intakes that can cause Inflammation

Eat as much ice cream you want but make sure to stay away from the hot beverages, smoke, or alcohol in the initial days. Also, try avoiding hard food or drinking through straws. Intake of such foods causes inflammation in the gums and increases pain or swelling. As a result, your recovery process might slow down.

Follow the above-listed steps to recover faster after the root canal procedure. If you are looking for more advice and better suggestions, get in touch with some of the best Dentists in Valdese who can help diagnose and suggest better options for your condition. It is best to give a call to the dentist if you start experiencing excessive bleeding, or going through a lot of pain. However, following the above recovery tips chances of improvement are high.

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