When Do I Need Urgent Dental Care?

Though a mild toothache might feel like you have a dental emergency, it is important to know what urgent dental care is and if you need to visit a dental clinic near you right away. In our Valdese dental clinic, we often receive many patients who need urgent dental care. So, we can answer these questions aptly. Before searching for “urgent dental care clinic near me open now”, read this blog till the end to avoid getting stressed or getting dental care at the right time.

What is considered urgent dental care?

Urgent dental care is the dental department that focuses on patients that need immediate attention to relieve a high level of pain, reduce the risk of infection, or get first aid if they injured or fracture teeth in an accident.

An urgent dental care clinic is available for immediate urgent dental care services, such as severe toothache, sore gums or jaws, a chipped tooth, a lost filling, or severe oral injury or trauma to teeth. At Western Piedmont Dental, we offer comprehensive dental services and is also always available for Valdese urgent dental care.

Are urgent dental care treatments more expensive?

Not necessarily. It typically depends on what type of urgent dental care you need. While some dental insurance policies cover urgent dental care, others don’t and that can directly impact your finances. When getting urgent dental care, you might need more expensive treatments and diagnostic tests, such as X-ray, root canal, or anesthesia. In other words, the cost of urgent dental care can be high not because it is urgent but because you need more expensive treatment.

Is dental emergency different from urgent dental care?

A true dental emergency can be different from a dental issue that needs urgent dental care. However, both of them need you to visit an emergency dental clinic. Some dental emergencies may need you to visit an emergency room instead of a dental office or an urgent dental care department.

According to ADA, a dental emergency is defined as a potentially-threatening dental issue that requires immediate treatment to stop the ongoing bleeding problems and alleviates severe pain, or infection.

A dental emergency could be:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Cellulitis – a soft-tissue bacterial infection along with severe swelling inside or outside the mouth that could make breathing difficult
  • Trauma to facial bones that might compromise your airway
  • Third molar pain
  • Surgical post-operative osteitis also called dry socket
  • Tooth dislocation
  • Tooth fracture

In these situations, you need to seek a dental emergency clinic. At Western Piedmont Dental, we also offer dental emergency services in Valdese.

You need to seek immediate attention for an emergency dentist if your mouth is bleeding, you are vomiting or you are suffering from a high fever along with toothache or severe facial pain, or experiencing dizziness or difficulty breathing, get to an emergency room as quickly as possible.

If you are experiencing any of the above dental issues, search for Valdese urgent dental care or a dental emergency clinic near me.


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