When Losing Your Crown is a Dental Emergency?

Generally, losing your crown is not a dental emergency. You can later visit a dental clinic and get it treated. But, if the crown has broken and the jagged edges of your tooth are sharp, you need emergency dental care. The sharp edges can cut your tongue or cheeks by accident. And this can be very serious.


Before going for a dental emergency in Valdese, you should know your condition. You should know how the loss of the crown has affected you and the problems you are suffering because of the same. Also, you should know if the condition can be handled without visiting an emergency doctor.


In this post, we will discuss different crown conditions and what you should do.


Falling out of your crowns

This isn’t an emergency condition, but you shouldn’t delay the treatment. You should schedule an appointment as soon as possible to get your crown replaced. Falling out of the crown is painful, so you should take over-the-counter pain relievers.


If the crown is intact, buy some dental cement and apply it to your actual tooth after cleaning the inside of your dental crown. Then, place the dental crown on top. You should hold the crown in place until the cement dries. This is a temporary solution until you see a dentist and your crown is permanently repaired or replaced.


For your broken dental crown, you need a dental emergency. If the crown is in good condition, the emergency doctor can use it. Till the time you reach the dental clinic, mold dental putty over your tooth so it’s protected.


Swallowing your crowns

This is an emergency that you cannot avoid at any cost. Accidentally, many people swallow their crowns and face serious consequences. This mostly happens when you breathe the crown in and it reaches your lungs.


People generally ignore this because dental crowns are small and smooth and they pass in a few days through the digestive tract. But, the thing is that this doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes, the crown stays stuck for many days, complicating the condition. So, you should visit an emergency doctor, who will take x-rays to see where the dental crown went.


Just remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Other things to know when dental crowns fall out 


Eating without your crown- Yes, eating is allowed. But, before you start eating after the fall of your crown, protect your tooth with dental cement or dental putty. This will protect your tooth even if the crown isn’t there.


To protect your teeth further, you should stay away from food items that are hard to chew or sticky. By avoiding hard and sticky food items, you will not pull off your crown again or damage your tooth. If you are eating these food items, use the opposite side of your dental crown to chew.


Reusing your crown– Many people are worried about the cost of new dental crowns, especially if they have recently got them. You can reuse your crown but only if its condition permits.

If the crown is intact, the dentist can place it back on your tooth. If it’s broken, it cannot be reused. The dentist will have to make a new crown for your tooth.


Whether you need dental emergency in Valdese or not for losing your crown depends on your condition. So, don’t panic; just analyze the situation before taking any steps.

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