Will I Need a Dental Implant After Tooth Extraction?

Nothing is better than natural teeth and that’s why dentists do everything in their power to protect and restore your natural teeth. However, in some situations, it is not possible to salvage the original teeth. It can be due to trauma, decay, disease, or simply negligence. In such a situation, your dentist may recommend tooth extraction to stop spreading the infection, decay, or disease to other teeth and parts. Before removing your tooth, your dentist will talk about options for replacing the tooth, such as a dental implant.


It is crucial to replace missing or extracted teeth as early as possible and, for most patients, dental implants are the best choice.


Why is it important to receive a dental implant after tooth extraction?

Here are some reasons why dental implants are highly recommended after tooth extraction:


A Dental Implant Restores Normal Form and Function.

Replacing the extracted or missing tooth with a dental implant helps you restore the form and function of the non-viable tooth. It also helps enhance your smile. No one likes to live with missing teeth for their lifetime. Dental implants after tooth extraction enable you to maintain a normal and healthy appearance.


A Dental Implant Prevents Bone Loss After Tooth Extraction.

Another important reason to receive dental implant treatment after a tooth extraction is to prevent bone loss. Your jawbone needs regular stimulation from your tooth root to stay strong and do its work. When your bad tooth is removed, you lose the root if the bad tooth is not replaced by a dental implant because your jawbone doesn’t get regular stimulation. As a result, it leads to bone atrophy and decays over time.


A Dental Implant May Prevent Unwanted Facial Changes.

With bone loss, there comes a couple of consequences that you won’t like. The degradation of your jawbone can lead to unwanted changes to your facial appearance. Besides, without a jawbone, dental restoration becomes even more challenging because a dental implant needs a certain bone volume to anchor them in place. If you don’t have enough jawbone mass for a dental implant, an oral surgeon might need to perform a bone graft procedure before placing dental implants in your mouth.


In addition to all the above reasons, dental implants are also beneficial in various ways.


Why are dental implants the perfect choice after tooth extraction?

When it comes to the prevention of bone loss, dental implants are highly preferred over other methods such as dentures. It is because only dental implants can function as artificial tooth roots. Only dental implants can provide ongoing stimulation to your jawbone and prevent bone atrophy. Hence, dental implants are very helpful in fortifying your oral health.


There are also other reasons why dental implants make the best choice after tooth extraction. Dentures and bridges require usually healthy teeth to be extracted or shaved down so that they can be fitted in your mouth properly. Only dental implants allow for full dental restoration without any negative effects on the surrounding teeth. Besides, when properly cared for and maintained, dental implants can last for a lifetime.


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